Welcome to The Mediation Centre – “TMC”

Who Are We?

The Mediation Centre – “TMC” is a team of experienced, qualified family specialist mediators that offer a cost-effective, confidential and timely alternative to resolving a dispute without having to go through the Court system. We offer Family Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution in all areas of Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith and Western Sydney and also offer mediation Australia wide.

TMC has been helping families mediate their disputes for over 10 years and has, over the years, adapted its services to respond to an increased demand for mediation and alternate dispute resolution services for families across Greater Western Sydney. This has not only included adding services such a Child Consultation and Parenting Coordination but also expanding to provide online and telephone appointments so as to afford flexibility to parties already experiencing stressful situations.

What is Our Goal?

Because we ensure each mediation session caters specifically to not only the individual needs of those involved but also the nature of the dispute, the approaches we take will vary. Regardless of the techniques we use, TMC ultimately aims to:

• Facilitate open communication between everyone involved
• Promote shared understanding of core issues
• Assist each party to identify their needs and interests, and
• Use creative problem-solving techniques to enable agreement.

Mediation is the most self-empowering method of resolving a dispute. Unlike the legal system, you don’t have one authority ‘imposing’ a solution on you.

The Mediators at TMC facilitate discussions, but the ultimate control lies with those involved.

If all parties do not agree on a solution, the dispute remains unresolved.

We place a focus on:

  • Reaching a shared resolution
  • Salvaging the relationship, and
  • Preventing litigation.

We provide after-hours and weekend appointments when required, and work hard to ensure we are available within a short timeframe, limiting both the financial and emotional stress to all parties.

We can help you reach agreements with regards to all aspects of family disputes including, children’s arrangements and property settlements.

Our Mediators are selected not only for their skill but for their compassion and ability to understand the stress you are going through. It is our role to provide a structured approach to resolving your dispute that is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for all parties, and we do so with empathy and understanding.

Our understanding of family law processes, combined with our experience in mediation and working with complex families has positioned TMC as a leading provider of Family Dispute Resolution services to families across greater Western Sydney and the Central West of New South Wales.

Our Mediators are Accredited by the Attorney Generals Department as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Meet Our Lead Mediator and Owner of TMC

Tara Weir – Owner and Director of The Mediation Centre, FDRP, Child Consultant and Parenting Coordinator

Tara holds a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Behavioural Studies, is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Child Consultant and Parenting Coordinator. Tara has worked with separated families in dispute resolution processes in both the community sector and in private practice for several years.

Prior to becoming a mediator Tara worked as a Judge’s Associate in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia hearing family law matters for over 10 years. Having seen first-hand the devastating effects that legal proceedings have on families including the financial turmoil from meeting ongoing and increasing legal fees, the emotional upheaval and distress caused by the lengthy Court process and the ongoing requirement to adhere to Court orders she decided to dedicate her knowledge, skills and time to helping families reach a resolution without the need for court determination.

In 2020 Tara established Family First Mediation and Dispute Resolution and, in 2023, was selected to take over The Mediation Centre for her dedication to helping families and her compassionate nature for dealing with families in stress.

Tara is passionate about helping families remain future focused and helping them improve their communication. Tara believes that empowering others to resolve their disputes is fundamental in achieving peace after separation and ensures that children are not exposed to the detriments of ongoing conflict, enabling them to focus on being children, and parents being positive role models and co-parents.

Tara has also been elected to mediate on several Legal Aid NSW Panels. 


Our Services

Family Dispute Resolution for Parenting and Property Disputes

Download our Mediation Information Guide HERE!

Family Dispute Resolution is a specialist form of mediation that is specifically designed to assist couples and families affected by separation and divorce.

The sessions are tailored to facilitate calm discussions around, and solutions to, family disputes. Most people know Family Dispute Resolution as ‘family mediation’.

The Family Law Act 1975 requires separated parents and couples to make a genuine effort to resolve their parenting and property disputes through Family Dispute Resolution before initiating legal proceedings.

As accredited Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioners we are able to issue parties with the required Section 60I Certificate to initiate court proceedings for parenting disputes if Family Dispute Resolution does not resolve the dispute. Click here for further information regarding Family Dispute Resolution and s.60I certificate

Family Dispute Resolution is a highly successful process that produces results and allows people to reach an agreement without the need for Court or expensive legal fees.

You can find more detailed information about Family Dispute Resolution, including FAQ’s, the process and our fees by downloading our Mediation Information Guide above.

Our Mediators are all accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and can issue s.60I Certificates.

Child Consultation 

Download Our Child Consultation Information Booklet HERE!

Child Consultation is a chance for parents to hear from their children about how they are experiencing living between two homes. The aim is to help parents implement some of what they learn into their agreements thereby supporting their child’s developmental, emotional and psychological wellbeing during different stages of separation.

Child Consultation is a voluntary process just like mediation. However, Article 12 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) stipulates that “Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child”.

We are strong believers that children have a lot to share about living between two homes that can be very helpful for parents to remain child focused in their negotiations.

Our FREE Child Consultation Information Booklet answers FAQs about Child Consultation, explains our process, the limitations of Child Consultation and what our fees are for this service.

Parenting Coordination 

Download Your FREE Parenting Coordinator Order TEMPLATE to Appoint Tara Weir as your Parenting Coordinator Today! 

Download our Parenting Coordination Information Booklet HERE!

Parenting Coordination is an alternate dispute resolution process provided by specialist practitioners for separated parents who remain in high conflict after final parenting orders or parenting plan have been made.

Parenting Coordination combines assessment, education, case management, conflict management and negotiation in a tightly managed process with the aim of supporting parents to resolve disputes without further court intervention.

Please download our Parenting Coordination Information booklet above for further information about this process and how it might be of assistance to you.